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About Us

Time Traveler Trunks provides hands-on historical presentations designed to engage, inspire, and enrich understanding of American and World History. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable presenters utilize authentic material culture and engage audiences with meaningful activities.

An effective immersion program can be a powerful education tool, inspiring student interest and promoting a deeper understanding of historic events. 

Programs integrate local perspectives and contributions, introducing students to ways that regional experiences relate to national events.

Presentations address LFS essential questions and adhere to Pennsylvania history curriculum standards. 
Topics range from Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands through to the Vietnam War and include a series on Western Civilization. There are also several programs based upon historical fiction.

Time Traveler Trunks works with you to select programming suited to your needs. On the day of the presentation a Time Traveler Trunks educator will come to your school or facility with several large “trunks” containing a wide variety of material culture. Typically the presenter will arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of time to set up.

Audience members will become specific people from local and national history. While they are being dressed in period attire, the audience learns about what the clothing and other material culture represents in terms of cultural expectations, economics, resources, and technology.  In addition to providing insight historical events, the presentation will make connections revealing how the past and present are related.

Programs are delivered in a storytelling format. You should expect an entertaining and informative presentation that brings the past to life.

       Education Curator for the Cumberland County Historical Society, 2002- 2009.
       Adjunct Faculty-Harrisburg Area Community College
                  U. S. History 1865 to the Present,  2005
       Adjunct Faculty-University of St. Francis at Holy Spirit Hospital Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
                  U. S. History 1865 to the Present,  2004
                  Western Civilization French Revolution to the Present, 2001
       Pennsylvania Substitute Teacher, March 2000-June 2001

       M.A. Pennsylvania State University, American Studies, 2001
       B.A. Pennsylvania State University, American Studies, 1998

ACADEMIC HONORS:                
       JOEL SATER AWARD PSU, Creative Achievement Award, American Studies, 2001
       PHI KAPPA PHI SOCIETY top 10% of all Pennsylvania State University Graduates, 1998
       ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA top 10% of all Pennsylvania State University adult students, 1998