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Pour Me a Tall One: America’s Whiskey Rebellion

Central Pennsylvania’s Scots-Irish population had a history of resistance that did not cease with the end of the American Revolution.  Seasoned veterans from Central Pennsylvania who had moved west for greater economic security found themselves in direct conflict with the newly formed federal government over a tax on whiskey. Follow the story of a beleaguered President Washington who raised a military force to put down the insurrection. Learn of local men involved in events that included tarring and feathering, burning effigies, rioting, burning, murder, secession and sedition.  This dramatic story, focused on the role of the federal government, concludes with a clash between the military and domestic arenas.



Essential questions

How did the United States overcome domestic problems that confronted the New Republic? How does the U.S. Constitution provide the basic structure of our government?
How does the U.S. Constitution establish and limit the powers of government?
What can I learn from the past?
How am I connected to people and events from the past?
What causes change, and what stays the same?
What patterns develop in the course of history?
How are cause and effect shown throughout history?
How do historical and social events shape the future?

History Standards:  8.1 A,B,C,D    8.2.3 A,B,C,D   8.2.6 A,B,C,D   8.3.3 A,B,C,D  8.3.6 A,B,C,D
       8.4.6 A,B,C,D   8.4.12 A,B,C,D 

Reading Standards: 1.1.5.A,G  1.2.A   1.3.A,F  1.6.A,B,D,E

“I liked how interactive it was. It’s awesome that you teach kids about our nation’s great history. It also amazed me how different aspects of history relate to this area.”

            Heath W.