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Thank you very much for your presentation on the American Revolution.  For me it was another OUTSTANDING effort on your part to breathe life into history.  As I have spoken to you before, having spent 6 years at the Army War College as an instructor and now eight year years at Cedar Cliff, I have found you the MOST accomplished instructor I have heard or seen.  You seamlessly weave themes and facts together in a compelling narrative for the students and simultaneously capture their imagination and attention.  It is wonderful to have you visit our school and the classes you have given on World War I (photos attached), World War II and the American Revolution have been nothing short of SUPERB!
         Frank R. Hancock
         Col (Ret) U.S. Army
         Senior Army Instructor
         Cedar Cliff, High School


Mrs. Janeal Jaroh has been a frequent visitor to our social studies classes and the students are always thrilled to see her! As she unpacks her “trunks” full of hands on artifacts and examples, the history that the students see as dry, static facts suddenly springs into life. Whether they are examining a WWII ration book, inching on their bellies during a Vietnam-era simulation, or donning a British soldier’s jacket from the French and Indian War period, students are actively involved in learning. Mrs. Jaroh’s engaging lessons incorporate actual and reproductions of artifacts and allow students to handle and examine these pieces of history. Her sense of humor and frank discussions about subjects that are often left out of the history books fascinate her audience and lead them to critically analyze what they thought they knew.  Hopefully Mrs. Jaroh will continue to be a frequent guest to our school in the years to come!
         Trish McAtee
         West Shore School District

Janeal is the best speaker I have seen - at the middle or high school level -  in the 7 years I have been teaching, hands down. She makes historical experiences REAL for our students, which is no simple feat. She breathes life into the past and helps the kids see through different sets of eyes. Janeal is an amazing teacher; she inspires us all.
         Brooke DeMarco
         Cumberland Valley School District

“I really like it when you come to our classes. The teachers don’t get to give us this hands-on experience, but when you come in it makes learning fun. One thing I really liked learning about was the role the women played. In the units we’ve studied, it was all about the men doing interesting things. But when you came in and told us the roles they played, I was really relieved that the women finally got to do something important. I hope I get the chance to see you again.”
         Asha B.

Time Travel Trunks is a 110% hands on experience that takes your students back in time to live history.  Add a little local flavor and your students learn to appreciate their own backyard.  Janeal's enthusiasm is second to none and my students look forward to her programs!
         Pete Mashinski
         Cumberland Valley School District

“Working with Janeal has been an absolute joy. She does a fantastic job of coordinating authentic meaningful activities.  Mrs. Jaroh is flexible and willing to tailor her classroom presentations to specific grade levels and school curriculum. Overall, Janeal Jaroh is one of the most organized, creative and talented people with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working.  She inspires everyone, igniting a passion for history and material culture. The education of any student would surely be enriched by the experience Janeal brings to a classroom.”
         Megan Quinlan
         Mechanicsburg School District

“I enjoy listening to you speak. I think it’s very fun dressing up and I love how you include all of us into your presentation. Getting to hold real tools that they used make you feel what it was like in the old days. I love how you present the information and it’s easier for me to learn with real props. I hope to see you again.”
         Suheli R.

“I liked how interactive it was. It’s awesome that you teach kids about our nation’s great history. It also amazed me how different aspects of history relate to this area.”
         Heath W.

“It gave me a better understanding of what was happening during that time period. It has been a pleasure to listen to you.”
         Katrina S.

“Reading the textbook is always helpful, but it’s even more helpful when I get to see real artifacts and be able to pick them up. I really like how you not only give information with regards to the whole country, but also focus on what was happening in our own backyards. I thought all your artifacts and the way you describe things in a way that we can understand is really cool and interesting. I always love when you come in to talk about history because you always give me a new perspective on the subject. Thanks and I hope you come in again soon!”
         Katie M.

“It’s always a lot of fun when you come to our school and give us a break from the normal everyday stuff that we have to learn. I always learn a lot from you.  I love that you have props to go with what you’re teaching. It always makes learning so much more interesting if we can actually see and feel the things that we are learning about.”
         Rachel D.

“You are seriously great! Thank you so much for coming to our class. I was really entertained with the artifacts you brought in. They were so fascinating and unique. The way you explain things were so easy to understand and exciting that I actually wanted to learn more! J”
         Anne K.

“Yesterday, when you stopped by to teach us was probably the highlight of my day. Also, the first thing I told my parents when I came home. I liked how you put our language into your presentation, and made it easier to think about. You’re a really wonderful person to learn from. You’re good at your job.”
         Sydney P.