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Only an Eighth Grade Education? A Day in a One Room Schoolhouse

English as a second language, year round education, and prayer in school are not new debates. These subjects were challenged during the rule of William Penn. His vision of universal classical education was not achieved until the early 20th century. Once the dream of common schools was realized, local students aged four to twenty-one were gathered into solitary classrooms. You will enjoy hearing about the evolution towards the modern school system, the extent to which teachers went to maintain discipline, as well as the ingenious pranks pulled by local students. As we explore the rigorous curriculum of an eighth grade education, you will be astounded and amused by everyday life in a one room setting.



Essential Questions:

What basic ideas did William Penn have that influenced our society?
What groups came to settle in Pennsylvania?
What similarities and differences existed among the groups?
 How did early European settlers shape the culture of Pennsylvania?
What is the impact of their contributions on life in Pennsylvania today?
How is history interpreted to relate the past to the present?
How do the concepts of family, education, leisure, government, economics, religion, and communication define a culture?


History Standards: 8.1 A, B,C, D  8.2.3 A,B,C,D  8.2.6 A, B,C,D 8.2.9 A,B,C,D
8.2.12 A, B, C, D  

Reading Standards: 1.1.5.A,G    1.2.A  1.3.A,F   1.6.A,B,D,E

“I have never seen one of your presentations and not liked it. I learned a lot. I hope that you are able to come to my classes throughout high school.”
         Frances F.