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Underground Railroad Tour of Carlisle and Boiling Springs
This walking and bus tour will provide detailed information and insightful activities to endow participants with a deeper understanding of the institution of slavery in Pennsylvania.

Old Courthouse-Carlisle-Several interactive court cases, dealing with conflicts between freedom seekers, abolitionists, and slave holders, will assist participants in contextualizing slavery in America.

Boiling Springs Tavern, Grocery Store, and Clock tower-Boiling Springs-We will begin our tour of Boiling Springs at the site of one of the town’s oldest buildings.  Built in 1836 to serve travelers, the tavern was standing during the events of 1847 which received national press coverage. 

Exterior Tour of the Ege Mansion-Boiling Springs-This grand home built by Iron Master Michael Ege demonstrates the power and influence of the iron industry. We will use Mr. Ege’s role as a slave owner to discuss the role of slavery as a symbol of status and power as well as a solution to labor shortages. 

Iron Furnace-Boiling Springs-This limestone structure permits us to analyze the process of iron making and the role of slavery and also address American’s ongoing demand for inexpensive products. 

Workers Site-Boiling Springs-A short walk from the iron furnace, here we will look for insight as to the lives of slaves in adapting to a life of bondage.  Audience members will participate in a “jumping the broom” ceremony as we investigate ways in which slaves sought to express their humanity.

Home of Daniel Kaufman During His Trial for Assisting Runaway Slaves-Boiling Springs-By the age of seventeen; Daniel Kaufman had determined that he would do his part to end slavery.  He and a small group of trusted friends and family were active facilitators for thirteen years. His actions would bring him into the spotlight in 1847 when he was arrested for helping thirteen slaves make their way to freedom.

Walk to Island Grove-Boiling Springs-This is the longest walking segment of the day. We will walk towards Island Grove where Kaufman built a shed near a spring to house freedom seekers until they could make arrangements for the next leg of the journey. This beautiful setting would later become a much visited site for recreation until the early 20th century.

Daniel Kaufman Mansion-Boiling Springs-Our program will end in front of the Kaufman mansion where Daniel lived until his death. We will pause to provide a final analysis of the life of Daniel Kaufman and his involvement in the Underground Railroad.