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Wow, Naked Exercise: Influence of Ancient Greece on Early American Medicine

Can you envision sports practice without clothes? How about community bathing? This program will both amuse and surprise you. The ancient world’s revolutionary views on medicine heavily influenced medical treatments in early America. Modern medical symbols, use of the Hippocratic Oath, hygiene, sanitation, physical fitness, and medicinal plants all have ancient origins. Through material culture and activities, we will explore the role of the ancient world on Early America.  You may conclude that you would have been safer to live in ancient Greece than colonial Pennsylvania.



Essential Questions:

How did the Egyptians influence other civilizations?
How did the development of Greek culture shape American culture?
In what ways did the Greeks contribute to later societies, including American society?
How did the ancient Greek Olympics represent the values of the civilization?
How is history interpreted to relate the past to the present?
How do the concepts of family, education, leisure, government, economics, religion, and communication define a culture?

History Standards:  8.1 A,B,C,D   8.2.6 A,B,C,D   8.3.3 B,C   8.3.6 B,C  8.4.3 A,B,C,D 8.4.6 A,B   8.4.9 A, B  

Reading Standards: 1.1.5.A,G  1.2.A  1.3.A,F   1.6.A,B,D,E

“I really enjoyed your visit and so did my classmates. I know I learned a lot and I think everyone else did too. One thing I really enjoyed was how you dressed up my other classmates. I also liked how you got everyone to participate in some way with the activities. When we get to see objects and act things out, rather than just reading about them, then we can understand it better.”
         Emily H.