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“Rioters at Heart”: Scots-Irish and the French and Indian War

Over 250 years ago, traditional and guerilla warfare waged throughout Pennsylvania. Due to its strategic geographic composition and the nature of its population, the central region was vital during this critical standoff over territory and commerce. While France and England warred over empire, harrowing and dynamic stories were being forged, native populations were transformed, and the seeds of a new nation were sown. This program is a great opportunity to teach about the significance of local history in the midst of global conflict.



Essential Questions:

What significant role did Pennsylvania colonists play in the French and Indian War?
What was the role of Pennsylvania’s Native Americans in the conflict?
Why was the war significant to subsequent events in America’s history?  
Why did the Scots-Irish settle in Pennsylvania? How did they shape the culture of PA?
How have the contributions of the Scots-Irish impacted life in PA today?
What was the relationship between the Penn’s, Native Americans, and early settler?
How did the relationship change over time?
What is the impact of supply and demand? What is the significance of natural resources?
What similarities/differences existed among the groups that came to Pennsylvania?
What interactions did the Native Americans have with William Penn and the early settlers?” 
What events led up to the conflict between England and the Colonies
How did colonists and Native Americans help each other?
How do specialization and trade lead to cultures becoming interdependent?
What was the effect of scarcity or abundance of resources on early Native Americans?
In addition to the Spanish, what other European nations competed for land in North America?
What areas in North American did the British gain control of as a result of winning the French and Indian War?

History Standards:  8.1 A,B,D   8.2.3 A,B,C,D   8.2.6 A,B,C,D    8.3.3 A8.3.6 A,B,D   

Reading Standards: 1.1.5.A,G 1.2.A 1.3.A,F 1.6.A,B,D,E

“I always look forward to you coming in to share your artifacts and all the information you know about topics we are talking about in history class. You are very nice and you have a great energy. I liked all the interesting artifacts you brought in and it’s always fun to watch my classmates dress up in the clothes you bring.”
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